Welcome to Shattered Minds – putting the pieces back together.  This blog is created for a couple of different purposes.  One is to help begin to spread awareness of the horrors our children are experiencing in the forms of abuse and neglect in this world today. 

Another is to share how these abuses are shattering not only their bodies but minds.  They in turn, grow into adulthood with unresolved physical and mental illness that make them either unprepared or under prepared to deal with living in this world as they would want.  If they make it into adulthood.

Finally, I believe in hope.  I believe to share ones own reality is to share hope.  I am one of those children, grown into an adult.  I have a story which I will share some of here.  I want to dispel some of the misconceptions and confirm some of the realities of what it means to have a shattered mind .

Please join me on this journey.

  1. Thank you so very much for having the courage and conviction to create this blog. May this journey be healing to you in ways known and unknown.

  2. denice rokicki

    i look forward to reading your blog.

  3. A remarkable journey – no one knows the interiors of one’s mind until someone speaks. Your words will help countless others. Your unique journey and willingness share it with others is one of many steps to picking up the shards and creating a new whole. Great title, great intent, great blog! Thanks for sharing yourself. The universe has a plan…everyday it unfolds.

  4. Hey, really nice website. I in fact came across this on Bing, and I’m happy I did. I will definately be coming back again right here far more often. Wish I could add to your conversation and bring a little more on the table, but am just absorbing as a lot information as I can at the second. Thank You We just couldnt leave your internet site before letting you know that we actually enjoyed the high quality info you offer you for your visitors? Will be back again soon to check up on new stuff you submit!

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